About Us

We are a team of business owners who came together to build a platform for small businesses to help and support one another. Beginning in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic we built this platform to last long after we have hopefully kicked this disease to the kerb. Our hope is that small businesses can work together to support one another for years to come and that we can make that process just a little bit easier.


Introducing the Team who gave their time for free to make this happen



The brains and organisation behind the whole thing. She mobilised strangers to get together to brainstorm and come up with ideas on anything positive we could do to help one another. On a normal day, as well as her day job, Melissa will be approving your listings and looking for ideas to improve our platform.


Not just the tech behind the scenes, without her skills and dedication to build our website (in her spare time) we would not have been able to do this.  In her day job Andrea has a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency and put together the first draft of the website.  She will handle keeping the website functioning and improving upon it.


Our creative input who came up with the Logo and creatives you see on the site. Without her we would not have had a clear identity and vision for the future of where we can take Businesses United beyond this crisis.


Without his post on the #forgottenltd page, we would never have started this journey. He is also our content guy who helped write the words on the site and assisted with SEO.

There were a lot of other people involved in brainstorming sessions and helping with testing etc – so thank you to you all.